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Benefits of Retiring to Panama in 2013

Retiring to Panama ranks first in the world with regard to benefits offered to foreign retirees – also known as senior citizens. Panama retirement program has organized an awesome list of discounts and fringe benefits to the Panama’s Pensionado Program. This program is offered to all foreigners who intend to move to and live in Panama.

Before finding out the generous benefits of what the Panama’s Pensionado Program offers to retirees, find out what the Panama Pensionado law requires – that anyone who enters Panama as a qualified Panama retiree is promised to have that status for as long as that person lives in Panama. What’s more, this law means that in the event that future laws change the pensionado requirements – your status will not change.

Here’s what you get from the bighearted pensionado program:

If you retire in Panama, you will be entitled to a one-time exemption of duties on the importation of household goods amounting to $10,000, and; a tax exemption every two years of duties for the importation or local purchase of a car.

And it gets better,

50% off entertainment like theaters, sport events, movies, anywhere in Panama

30% off on land transportation like train and bus

30% off on boat fares too

25% off on all airline tickets

And just when you think, you’ve had too much,

25% off on your monthly energy bills

30% to 50% off when you want to chill and stay in hotels

15% off hospital bills

10% off prescription medicines

And finally,

20% off medical consultations

15% off dental and eye exams

20% off professional and technical services

Make sure:

All the documents that you need to present to the authorities in Panama must be authenticated by a notary and by the Panamanian consulate. You can also have it notarized by Apostille – is a swifter way of authenticating documents. This can be obtained through the secretary of state in your home state in the US. If you’re from U.K., you can obtain this from the Foreign Office. You should have this done as soon as possible if you have decided to relocate to Panama.

Make sure, all documents are valid – like the passport, which should be valid for at least one year from the time of application, your visa.

If you have a spouse and you intend to bring with you to live in Panama – make sure you have your original marriage certificate.

Make sure you never had run-ins with the authorities – as this is one of the requirements to obtain a visa to be able to move to Panama and also invest in Panama.  No imminent or past police record from your last place of residence. All visa applications stipulate that you get a health certificate in Panama. If you are 50 years old or older, the Pensionado visa readily available for you.

With all these perks and benefits, you can be assured that this Panama retirement program could just save you a whole lot of money in a year. This program is designed to help both Panama’s citizens and for other foreign retirees.

This is your next step in having that cushy benefit-packed retirement dream.

For more information about the realities of retiring to, relocating and investing in Panama real estate, call us at (347) 699-2234 or contact us via our website: http://uapanama.com.

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