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Panama Real Estate


This is your Gateway to Panama…

Let’s team up! Get all the support needed to help with everything from investing in Panama to retiring in Panama.

Consider Panama Real Estate if:

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    • You are retired or planning to do so with the intention of relocating to a peaceful and secure country such as Panama…


    • You want to invest abroad in real estate and want to do so in a country that is experiencing continuous economic growth such as Panama…


    • You are a family that wishes to live a different lifestyle, in an exotic and enjoyable environment such as Panama…


    • You want to live in a tropical country that has all of the amenities and services found in North America such as Panama…



Our team will be able to help you realize your dreams and aspirations.

You can reach us at 347-699-2234 (USA) or via our local number in Panama 507-6981-9534 

Uapanama is a licensed real estate firm established to assist persons who wish to relocate and invest in Panama real estate market.

Uapanama offers turnkey real estate consulting services, and our goal is to give peace of mind with the idea of retiring, relocating and investing in real estate market in Panama.


  • Personalized real estate investment search lists which are tailored to your specific needs which include advisory and negotiation services;
  • Referrals to competent professional services in various fields (legal, accounting, inspection, insurance);
  • Project management for the construction of new homes;
  • All other needs and requirements that can be related to each specific personal situation.

Uapanama can help by referring you to several lawyers who can provide advice regarding the creation of an incorporation and/or foundation related to the purchase of your property.

Our network of lawyers will also outline the resident programs that can be chosen to be able to live in Panama all year long.

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